Google’s People App Skips December in its Calendar

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Google's People app is reportedly carrying a bug. The glitch in the app apparently skips December 2012. It straight away jumps to January 2013 after November.

The bug was reported a few days ago and international online media forums are abuzz about it.  The "People application" runs on the latest Jelly Bean OS (Android 4.2). 

The bug is reported to be found only in the Android's latest update of Jelly Bean OS (Android 4.2); reports from PCMag website suggest that people using Galaxy Nexus running on Android 4.1.1 have not faced this problem.

The people app lets users add reminders of their loved ones' birthdays and anniversary dates in the contact list data.

The problem is in the Events option where users can add details like birthdays and anniversaries to the corresponding contact in the phone log. In the Events section, the calendar moves directly from November 2012 to January 2013.

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The Android police website has reported an update that Google officials have acknowledged the glitch and it is being tracked by the Google app developers, they further added that the bug has not affected the Google Calendar app and consumers can continue using the Google Calendar application.  

Google Calendar is a separate application offered by Google which lets users create and edit reminders for their important meetings and appointments.

The Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean OS) was unveiled along with the new Nexus smartphone and tablets just a few weeks ago in select markets across the world and Google plans to release their new products to more markets later this year.

Google needs to fix the People's app bug as soon as possible because the new Jelly Bean OS-based smartphones and tablets are expected to reach wider audiences during the pre-Christmas shopping season.

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