Google is Testing iPhone Compatible Maps App: Reports

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Speculations are afloat that Google's new Maps app for iPhone is close to its final form and the company is expected to submit the app to the Apple iTunes Store for approval soon.

A source familiar with Google's project has revealed that the company has sent a test version of its new mapping app to some individuals outside Google to assess the app's capability. The app is said to be designed for Apple's iPhones, reported the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

When the WSJ reporter contacted a Google Spokesman about the iOS compatible Maps app; without revealing much about the project, he had this to say: "We believe Google Maps are the most comprehensive, accurate and easy-to-use maps in the world. Our goal is to make Google Maps available to everyone who wants to use it, regardless of device, browser, or operating system."

The report further added that the new Google Maps app is expected to feature turn-by-turn navigation where people can use the iPhone as a GPS device for driving. This turn-by-turn navigation did not in feature in the previous Google Maps app of iOS.

In mid-September, Apple had dropped Google's version of Maps app and replaced it with their in-house built navigation app which came pre-installed with the new iOS 6.

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The Cupertino-based company faced huge embarrassment following its Maps App glitches with terrible navigation maps which had inaccurate location data and unclear navigation route.

Just days after the public outcry against the defects in Apple's map app, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a public apology to iPhone users .

Later, the company's senior vice-president of software division, Scott Forstall, was forced to step down for not acknowledging the Maps app's goof-up.

After the unceremonious exit of Scott Forstall, Tim Cook placed Eddy Cue to supervise the Maps app division. Since then Apple is trying to fix the bugs in its Maps app.

iPhone users still had a back door access to Google Maps; users made use of web browser to connect to Google Maps website and used it for navigation.  

The news of Google's Map for iOS is expected to bring cheers to iPhone users who were frustrated with the annoying navigational features. They can now switch to Google's Maps app which is more navigation friendly compared to thousands of other maps in the market.

However, it is still not certain when actually Google's Maps app would come back to the Apple iTunes Store.

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