Gina Virgilio Placed On Suicide Watch After Allegedly Setting Her Fiancee, Michael Gonzalez, On Fire In Their Apartment In Anchorage

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Police arrested a 25-year-old woman in Anchorage, Alaska, charging her with first degree murder for allegedly dousing her live-in boyfriend with gasoline and then setting him on fire at their apartment.

"Investigators believe that Gina Virgilio threw gasoline onto her roommate Michael Gonzalez while he was asleep on the couch in their apartment [on Friday morning]," said police in a statement, according to Fox News.  "She then lit the gasoline and then left the apartment."

Virgilio was scheduled to make a court appearance on Sunday, but it was postponed because she was on suicide watch.  

On Saturday, police said Virgilo admitted to killing her 24-year-old roommate, reported KTUU. According to their Facebook pages, the couple was engaged.

On Virgilo's Facebook page, there are several photos of a young boy, who is believed to be her son. The toddler was not in the house at the time of the fire that completely destroyed their apartment and forced a number of residents in the complex to evacuate. Virgilo's parents were awarded temporary custody of the boy because Virgilio had previous addictions to methamphetamine and heroin, KTUU reported.

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According to the documents filed by prosecutors that were reviewed by KTUU, a staffer at Providence Hospital told Anchorage police that Virgilio said "I did it. I killed Michael."

In addition to her confession, Virgilio's mother, Michelle, told Anchorage police that her daughter admitted to pouring gasoline around a couch where Gonzalez was sleeping. She allegedly lit some paper on fire, tossed it into the apartment and fled the scene.

Virgilo told authorities that Gonzalez had been abusing and "acting crazy," according to various news reports. She said she feared for her life and that it was either "me or him."

On Thursday, the night before he died, Gonzalez had been celebrating his birthday with friends. He came home after spending the night drinking with his friends, reports said.

Several hours later, Gonzalez's body was found incinerated inside the apartment.

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