Justin Bieber Behind Bars for Six Months Due to Paparazzi Brawl?

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Pop singer, Justin Bieber, may get his first permanent police record and may face a jail sentence due to the altercation with a paparazzi last Sunday.

Apparently, the photographer who claimed that he was physically battered by the singer did not brush off the brawl that ensued when he was taking photos of Bieber and his girlfriend, "Spring Breakers" actress Selena Gomez.

Officers of Los Angeles County District Attorney for possible criminal prosecution are investigating the allegations of battery against the "Boyfriend" hitmaker. The case is being referred to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, ABC News reported.

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According to ABC News' Los Angeles station KABC, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department has forwarded the case to the DA's Office for possible prosecution. The victim was already interviewed by the Sheriff's detectives and planned to gather witnesses as well as to interview the singer.

Surely his training with former heavyweight champion, Mike Tyson, days before the altercation paid off; as the victim complained immense pain and requested medical attention right after the incident. The video of his training went viral when the incident happened.

The unidentified photographer said that Bieber struck him in the face as the couple came out of a movie house in Calabasas, California after watching a movie. Witnesses said that the photographer is blocking Bieber's car and kept on snapping photos that led on the popstar's reaction.

The couple left the scene when the authorities arrived. The victim filed a police report, alleging battery by the 18-year-old singer. However, sources told TMZ.com that the photographer only did so after a lawyer passing by the scene suggested that he could get some money out of the possible lawsuit.

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