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April 30, 2012 3:13 PM IST

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USD/JPY Technical Analysis comments :

Sentiment :


The pair USD/JPY has continued its bearish movement on friday and the broke the support at 81.06, giving us new sell signal.
The pair just broke also the next support at 80.37 and is moving towards a test of the psychological level at 80.
All indicators are bearish.
The pair is moving into its bearish channel (black lines).
We continue to advise short positions as far as 81.06 is resistance.
The breakout of 80 will give a new sell signal and open the way towards 79.50
In case of return above 81.06, we will wait the breakout of 81.50 to advise long positions.
Complete sheet of the pair USD/JPY - Previous USD/JPY Analysis

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