Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Dating, Caught Getting Naughty In Maybach [NSFW PHOTOS]

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Kanye West was still pulling up his pants when he got out of his Maybach while coming home with Kim Kardashian to his SoHo apartment -- I guess they just couldn't wait till they got home? Photos: Reuters

Kanye West has been caught with his pants down with Kim Kardashian -- literally! The new celebrity couple were photographed by paparazzi (Warning: NSFW photos) exiting Yeezy's Maybach outside his apartment in SoHo on the way back from dinner in New York, and he's literally pulling up his pants, showing some skin where his underwear should be.

Photos show he appears not to be wearing underwear, and the obvious question is: What were they doing in the back of his car? (And with the chauffeur in front? Ewww! Hope he got hazard pay for that!) As one MediaTakeOut commenter put it: "He looks like a stank abomination." Well said, onlyloveblackppl.

Kim and Kanye -- or, shall we say, Kimye? -- do appear to be officially together.

When asked about Kim's relationship wth Kanye at Scott Disick's restaurant opening, where Kim brought Kanye to meet her parents, Kim's sister and fellow K-named human being Khloé Kardashian told red-carpet reporters, "She's really happy because it's so easy, because it's a friendship and they're just dating and seeing how things are going."

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TMZ claimed to have a source who said of the event, "Kanye and Kim were excited for the family gathering and the opportunity to show them just how great they are together" and that "the meeting went great, and the family thinks they make the perfect couple." 

And regarding the "KW" earrings that Kim was wearing, which happen to match the name of her date, Kanye West? "Oh, and the KW?" Khloé said, "I think she confirmed that by wearing them."

However, there have been rumors their relationship is not genuine.

"If they are in the same area, they are going to hook up," one source told the esteemable gossip rag, Hollywood Life, about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. "But they are not going to take the relationship to the next level and become exclusive with each other.

"They are equally using each other to expand their own personal interests/brands rather than fall in love," the source concluded.

Sounds about right to us. It's been a few months since the outrage and publicity surrounding Kim Kardashian's divorce from Kris Humphries, and she is indeed due for another romantic entanglement!

And obviously these photos indicate they are availing themselves of each other, sexually. And these shots are not the first photographic evidence of sexual involvement between the two -- rumor has it that two photos featured at MediaTakeOut last month were of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The first shows a mid-action shot of a man, who MediaTakeOut claimed is Kanye West, engaging in sodomitical relations with a large-bottomed woman, who many are speculating is none other than Kim K. herself. The second picture is a tighter but no less graphic shot, again depicting posterior insertion. Kim is of course known for her large bottom and loose sexual mores.

One person who you think would be angry about this is Kris Humphries, Kim's soon-to-be-ex-husband, whose marriage with the jewel of the Kardashian clan ended after just 72 days last year. But the rumor is that his lawyers are interested in Kim and Kanye's relationship and whether it dates back to when the two were married -- making it relevant in the high-stakes divorce proceedings to come.

"The crux of Kris [Humphries]' case for annulment is that Kim married him under fraudulent pretenses and did it for her reality show," an insider told Radar Online. "Team Humphries wants to know if producers of the Kardashian reality shows were in contact with Kanye West prior to the new couple dating or going public with their relationship and what those conversations consisted of. When did Kim develop romantic feelings for Kanye, and why, after publicly stating she wouldn't feature any future romantic relationships on her reality shows, did she do a complete 360?"

"It's sad that they can't even be amicable or friendly because Kris did truly love her and has only wanted the best for her," the source told Radar. "He is no longer in love with her, though, he has moved on and is definitely enjoying being single. He is dating again, but no one serious because the divorce is a long way from being made legal, and he isn't ready to get serious with anyone at this point. Surprisingly, Kris hopes that Kanye isn't using Kim for publicity because, again, he doesn't want to see her hurt."

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