Virgin Until 34 Becomes Father of 82 at 42

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A Dutch man who did not have sex until he was 34 is now a 42-year-old man in the business of making babies, literally, and he has so far fathered 82 children around the world, Daily Mail reported.

Ed Houben was a 'shy virgin' still living with his mother at 34, but now he is sleeping with 15 women a month to assist them in getting pregnant. His services are done in legal ways, Daily Mail noted.

Without a regular sex life, Mr Houben began donating sperm to local medical facilities. When he found donors can opt for natural insemination, he never went back to local clinics to donate.

In a span of nine years, Mr Houben has been responsible for the birth of 82 children living across the globe. He has three children in Berlin, and the other children are spread in Holland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and even New Zealand.

Mr Houben's baby-making business is done free of charge, so women who have used Mr Houben's services saved thousands of dollars for artificial insemination. But in some instances, women pay for Mr Houben's travel and accommodations just so they can have a shot at getting pregnant.

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Eighty per cent of women who slept with Mr Houben got pregnant, Daily Mail said.

Of Mr Houben's 82 children, 45 are girls, 35 are boys, and two are unknown because the mothers did not want to let him know. The first born is now nine years old and the youngest is only two months old.

Ten more children are on the way, Daily Mail said.

Mr Houben goes to in Germany among other places on the net to find childless women wanting to get pregnant. All his partners must show medical records showing they are free from diseases and they don't use illegal drugs.

For his part, Mr Houben has paper work with a semen analysis (spermiogram) boasting a very good 100 million sperm count. A sperm count that does not go beyond 20 million indicate a man is far less likely to get a woman pregnant 80 per cent of the time, as Mr Houben does.

"I don't fire blanks," Mr Houben joked in an interview.

Mr Houben asks his sperm beneficiaries to sign documents waiving any legal claim to child support.

"My girlfriend says that what I do only makes me more interesting," he told Germany's Der Spiegel magazine.

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