New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Concept Image Include Realistic Specs and Features

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image boasted specs and features that will most likely to come true.

The 'Copenhagen Wheel': The New Bliss of Cycling

"Superpedestrian Inc." has invented a new way for cyclists to enjoy biking more easily. The "Copenhagen Wheel" technology promises to help bikers in traversing different road environments, uphill routes, and just any kind of terrain difficulty.

Google's Android 4.3 operating system

Google Android 5.0 Will Focus on Design: Release Date, Upcoming Features and What to Expect

Following reports of the Android 4.4.3 update, Android 5.0 has also started making headlines. Whereas the Android mobile operating system has introduced excellent capabilities and functionalities, many analysts still feel it lacks the design and appeal compared to the iOS. It appears Google wants to change that this time.

Fishing Adventure This Summer? Watch Funny Viral Video on Cat Fishing on Youtube

Summer is here once again and fishing is a good way to relieve the summer heat but a white cat has a different agenda on what to fish. Another cat! The cat's fishing adventure is captured on video and uploaded in Youtube which has gone viral.

Google Nexus 8

Google Axes Nexus 10 2, Nexus 7 3 Release Dates to Deliver Nexus 8 in New Form Factor on July 2014 – Report

There will be only one Nexus tablet release date this 2014 and it will be for the 8.9-inch and HTC-assembled Nexus 8 that according to new reports will hit Google Play Store as early as July 2014.

Google's Android 4.3 operating system

Android 4.4.3 Update Roll Out Guide for Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and More Android Devices: When to Hit Your Region

Google’s Android 4.4.3 has made headlines following Sprint’s reported update to Nexus 5. While the carrier took down the update, it appears Google will push through for the update soon. According to recent reports, the internet giant has given a major hint about the next Android KitKat update. People can expect the upgrade to drop soon.

Snake Eats Crocodile after a Battle in Australia

Viral Video: Stalemate in Snake vs Alligator Marsh Battle

Crocodiles and snakes versus other wild animals have been popular lately, and they have become viral videos. The final results of the battle reveal who is the stronger between two wild animals.

Apple Inc CEO Tim Cook Speaks About the New iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retnia Display During an Apple Event in San Francisco

Analyst Confirms Apple iPhone 6 "Phablet" Release Soon as 12-inch MacBook and iPad Air 2 Come

Apple has been the subject of the rumor mill following predictions about the iPhone 6 and the 12-inch MacBook. The tech giant was further pushed into the spotlight following forecasts about its 12.9-inch iPad. This time, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities shares his thoughts about Apple’s upcoming releases.

google logo

'Google Project Ara' Developers Live Streaming Available: Project Ara Welcomes Feedback and More

"Google Project Ara" is an open hardware platform/device that seeks to create a structural frame base that can hold any desired choice of smartphone modules. It can be processor chips, display screens, keyboards, camera lenses, and more. Project Ara invites the online community to watch day two its Developers Conference live Wednesday 12 p.m. ET April 16.

HTC Desire 210, 816 Smartphones Launched in India; Price, Availability Details

HTC Desire 210, 816 Smartphones Launched in India; Price, Availability Details

Besides launching the company's flagship HTC One M8, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has also announced the two new handsets - Desire 210 and Desire 816 in India.